CitySocializer is launching soon!

Join us on an enhanced journey of social connection and community.

Embracing the Future of Social Networking

Welcome to the revitalized CitySocializer, now part of the Get The Friends You Want family. Our combined mission offers you the best of both worlds: vibrant social events and expert advice to build meaningful friendships. As we integrate these platforms, we promise to bring you an enriched experience that stays true to the heart of what CitySocializer has always been about.

Honoring Our Founder, Sanchita Saha

We begin by paying homage to Sanchita Saha, the remarkable founder of CitySocializer. Her vision and dedication have laid the foundation for a community that cherishes meaningful friendships. As we embark on this new path, we carry forward her legacy, ensuring that the spirit of community and connection remains at the core of all our endeavors.

Our Mission: Deep Connections, Broader Horizons

Augmented by Get The Friends You Want, CitySocializer’s mission deepens your social connections and expands your networking opportunities. We’re here to offer more than just social events; we’re creating a platform where friendships flourish, professional networks expand, and personal growth is fostered.

Exciting New Features and Opportunities

Get ready for an array of new features! From diverse and inclusive social events to expert-led workshops on social skills, our upcoming plans are designed to enhance your social experience. Whether it’s discovering new hobbies, expanding your professional network, or making lasting friendships, CitySocializer is gearing up to be your go-to platform.

Enhancing Community with Expertise

Integrating ‘Get The Friends You Want’ into CitySocializer means you get the best of community engagement and enhancing your social skills and friendship skills. Our unique blend of social events and educational resources is tailored to help you navigate the social world with confidence, making every interaction more meaningful.

Be Part of Our Community’s Growth

We want you to be at the heart of CitySocializer’s evolution! Share your thoughts through our quick feedback form and directly influence the future of our platform. Your insights are crucial in shaping a CitySocializer that truly meets your needs for socializing, making friends, and building professional connections. Fill out the form and have a say in crafting a vibrant and enriching community experience with CitySocializer.

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